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Surely you’ve heard of Instagram by now? You know? The platform that literally invented the selfie? The platform that made taking photo’s of your dinner a cool thing to do? Yeah, that’s the one! Instagram literally revolutionised the picture taking and art making industry, where you could turn a quick snap on your mobile phone into a literal digital masterpiece. Well, hold onto your hats folks because there’s a new player in town that’s promising to turn the entire industry, again, upside down.

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Appics is the new player in town, built on the back of the Steem blockchain; a platform that’s turned the blogging industry on its head and rewards users handsomely for their participation. Appics promises to allow people that join a chance to create quality picture content and be rewarded nicely for their efforts with XAP, their very own smart token. This can be exchanged for real world cash, unlike other existing platforms that pay nothing for the experience and absorb the data you allow them to have.

Appics isn’t live yet; I expect it will take a couple of months before the platform is ready to go, but that doesn’t mean you should sit there and do nothing. You should definitely take advantage of their bounty program that rewards you for liking, re-tweeting, and a whole range of other fun things to do. The rewards program is shared out at the end of their ICO and promises you a portion of their tokens depending on how many shares you have gathered over the length of the rewards program. It’s a good way to earn some free XAP if you don’t have much to invest.

As far as I can tell the Appics ICO will run for four weeks starting on March 28th; those that understand how much of a success the Steemit platform has been, are dribbling with excitement over how much promise this coin brings to the table, and the disruption it will cause to the entire industry of picture sharing. No longer will your pictures be distributed freely over the internet and shared with whomever wants to have a look at them at zero cost. This will be rewarding the creator for their effort and rewarding the people that found them in the first place.

Will this be enough to disrupt the likes of Instagram?


Their pre-ICO, when aired, was sold out in just under half an hour — that’s a remarkable time frame and feat for any pre-ico. I am literally waiting with sweaty palms to get my hands on some of these coins.

But hurry!

If you want to take part in the ICO on March 28th, or around about that time then I suggest you get in quick because the pre-sale was sold out very fast. This token is hot and everyone will be wanting a piece of it. Think of hundreds of thousands of people, waiting at their computer, patiently, for the timer to reach zero so they can start buying. Yep, you’ve got to be fast to be in with this one.

You can see a screenshot of the sale prices. Each sale will start at the beginning of each week, and I expect it will be gone in under a day.


Although Appics is built upon the back of the Steem blockchain and exists as a smart token, or an SMT, Appics will be an entirely different kettle of fish. Steemit is designed for long blog posts and the weight upon the consumer is to spend at least five to ten minutes reading quality content for a good upvote; whereas at Appics it’s designed for the user that has very little time at hand, and can consume the content at a very fast rate. Think of it like you were browsing through your Facebook feed, or your Instagram feed; the content is designed to be digested quickly.

If you’ve never heard of an ICO before, and you’re scratching your head, wondering what this is all about, but getting paid for your content sounds really interesting, and you want to get in on it. Think of the coins as a share in the business. If you buy one coin, or you earn one coin, then you have one share. It’s different to big corporations like Facebook where only a few have the privilege of owning shares in the company — this is open to anyone. Anyone can own a percentage in the Appics system. Whether it’s one millionth, or ten percent, that’s entirely up to you with what you invest at the ICO come March time. I wish you luck.

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