mannabase universal basic income

Welcome to Mannabase: Universal Basic Income

Okay, so if you're a 'bleedin heart liberal' like me, then you'll know that the thought of Universal Basic Income sends your ideals and...

Is Pagarex legit? Or is Pagarex a scam?

If you've came to this page then you're probably wondering is Pagarex legit, or another website in a long, long list of scams before...
sphere social

Is Sphere Social the next Facebook?

Okay. So you'll have noticed a few things different with my publication over the last few days. Firstly we've went all Bitcoiny on you....

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Have You Tried EasyDex Yet? The Small Exchange With Big Plans

Okay, full disclosure here; I work for these guys. I'm on their media team, and what sort of person would I be if I...

P3C – A New Look At Universal Basic Income

If you're a regular reader of my work then you'll know I'm all about Universal Basic Income. I love UBI for the simple fact...

MegaCryptoPolis – The Future of Crypto

I'm not one for casting predictions because I've always thought those that try and predict market outcomes and generate a load of fear or...