Is the Coinstarter project one of the juiciest ICO’s of the decade?

Good ICOs are hard to find If you're like me and have been in the Cryptocurrency game since before it was cool to hold a...

Appics – Welcome to Instagram but with rewards

Instagram no more Surely you've heard of Instagram by now? You know? The platform that literally invented the selfie? The platform that made taking photo's...

Draftcoin – The revolutionary new way to diversify your portfolio whilst gaming

There's a lot of stigma attached to gaming, esports and betting-like projects; if you asked me the core values of betting and gaming platforms...
sphere social

Is Sphere Social the next Facebook?

Okay. So you'll have noticed a few things different with my publication over the last few days. Firstly we've went all Bitcoiny on you....

Steemit: How to earn money from a zero balance. All we need is your...

Introduction Steemit is a relatively new idea in the blockchain and works in a wildly different fashion from the rest of cryptocurrency. In the world...

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My Ethereum Price Prediction

I'll admit, Ethereum has never really caught my eye until recently, even after the price skyrocketed upwards. I've never really been interested in writing...

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