Appics – Welcome to Instagram but with rewards

Instagram no more Surely you've heard of Instagram by now? You know? The platform that literally invented the selfie? The platform that made taking photo's...

Draftcoin – The revolutionary new way to diversify your portfolio whilst gaming

There's a lot of stigma attached to gaming, esports and betting-like projects; if you asked me the core values of betting and gaming platforms...

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Have You Tried EasyDex Yet? The Small Exchange With Big Plans

Okay, full disclosure here; I work for these guys. I'm on their media team, and what sort of person would I be if I...

P3C – A New Look At Universal Basic Income

If you're a regular reader of my work then you'll know I'm all about Universal Basic Income. I love UBI for the simple fact...

MegaCryptoPolis – The Future of Crypto

I'm not one for casting predictions because I've always thought those that try and predict market outcomes and generate a load of fear or...