Is the Coinstarter project one of the juiciest ICO’s of the decade?


Good ICOs are hard to find

If you’re like me and have been in the Cryptocurrency game since before it was cool to hold a Bitcoin then you’ll know how difficult it is to find and curate yourself some nice projects. Quite frankly they are dotted all over the place. A nice avenue for new coins curation is bitcointalk, but regular users will know that sifting between new and old coins is a bit of a pain, and there’s still a lot of Scam coins advertised here. It’s a pain, it’s hard, it has kept me from venturing out too far away from home when it comes to finding new coins and investing in them.

Thankfully, this is until I found Coinstarter is founded on the same principle as Kickstarter, where new projects and ideas can ask the community, or the world at large for funding for their projects. Coinstarter is the same but for cryptocurrency. New and innovative projects can sign up and create their very own ICO; but this time with a very eager and willing community at large. Last time I checked more than two hundred thousand people had signed up, eager to wait and to watch as new and inspiring starter projects are unearthed in March. It’s damn exciting.

Their ICO (Initial Coin Offering) at the date of writing this has only one day left; perhaps even less than that considering I live in the UK. They have made over seven million dollars in funds and it’s still going strong. This Project will be big and I’m glad that I found it when I did.

coinstarter box

Coinstarter box – wow – pure gold

Alongside investing in the initial coin offering, coinstarter have added two gems to their sale. If you were to invest 1 Ethereum or more in their project then you get free access to their coinstarter box for two years. Confused with what that is? Well think of it as the best coins curated for you every month and added to your wallet at no extra cost. I put in over 1 Ethereum for that opportunity alone. Free ICO coins, every month, for two years. How amazing is that, right? Not only that but you gain early access to premium ICOs if you would like to invest a bit more into the projects. Sounds awesome right? Don’t worry though, for those that miss the ICO and their opportunity to bank in on the amazing two years free offer, you can always subscribe to it for a monthly fee, and you’ll be able to purchase it with Stac coins!

Stac coins are the unit of crypto that Coinstarter will be using, and they will be live on popular exchanges in March time. To say that I’m excited would be an understatement. 2018 is going to be an amazing year for crypto, especially now with a central hub available for ICOs to start of with. I can pretty much drop my insane searching for new projects from now on!

Businefy – Manage your whole business in one place


Also, as well as the very, very nice coinstarter box there is also the opportunity to get access to businefy, which is basically an all in one platform for running your own business. You can join up your whole team and manage everything down to the finances and logistics of your business. Sounds amazing, right? Well, it is, and it’s also on the blockchain, and you can pay for access by using coinstarter coins. Yup, another great reason to invest in this business. Get it whilst it’s hot!

I’m told that’s not all when you sign up. There is far more to come by being a premium member of Coinstarter when you sign up with that 1 Ethereum or more, which as of now is nearly $1000. That’s a lot for some, not so much for others, so make sure you choose wisely. Yeah, I know this sounds promotional, but it’s not. I’m getting zero for writing this, I’m just really excited about it and I want to share the love. And that’s what we’re all about here at The Relationship Blogger; sharing the love and connection

Why this ICO? Why did I choose it?

The potential realistically. Who doesn’t want free coins expertly curated and delivered to their inbox every month? This is what made me invest far more than I would have were they just offering the platform on its own. Don’t get me wrong, the platform in itself is a fantastic idea; I’ve been wanting a place like this to start for years, but the box was that nice added touch that made me order more than I usually put in. I don’t like to put all my eggs in one basket, and I don’t as a rule, but this, this Project is SMOKING hot.

Buy in now, or I promise you’ll be upset you missed out.



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