Draftcoin – The revolutionary new way to diversify your portfolio whilst gaming


There’s a lot of stigma attached to gaming, esports and betting-like projects; if you asked me the core values of betting and gaming platforms I’d probably paint you a picture of a man that has just lost everything and has turned to alcohol to suffocate the pain of being himself, trying to steal his way to that one-last jackpot. These are the kind of people that I dealt with in everyday situations in my last place of work. I felt terribly bad for them because I knew what being an addict was like. So if you had asked me to write about, or even advertise something casino-like on my blog I would have told you where to go and have sex with yourself.

Not Draftcoin, though.

Draftcoin is amazingly different and I’m so, so pleased I found this project early on in the game. The situation went a bit like this. I was planning to use Yobits brand new investbox to see how much coinage I could get and save up to become the whale-coveted status that most people want. To do so I had to find one that was offering their coins up for a percentage back. Draftcoin was one of them. Luckily I took the time to research what I was getting into and once I got over the initial shock of gambling and esports I was pleasantly surprised with what I had found.

One of my favourite quotes from the Draftcoin owners is,

“If you lose all of your coins you can just play some more games to stock back up on them”

He was right in essence, not only did he slowly develop his masterpiece from the beginning of 2014, but he took time and careful thinking into how this could be a fun experience for all without the whole losing your life savings thing. The aim of this entire platform is to build your cryptocurrency portfolio through playing games and competing to win good prizes. There is no focus on addiction, or holding the carrot in front of your face so that you play the casino until you are out. There will be many ways to earn through trying to ensure a steady stream of awesomeness to your BTCDraft balance. The best part about Draftcoin is that you can diversify your portfolio on their internal exchange whenever you earn from gaming. Super awesome, right?

What’s really strikingly apparent about their team is their duty to transparency. I’ve never felt that Draftcoin have held anything back from me, and I feel that their intentions are good and honest – are rare find in cryptocurrency these days. This is a team that banded together in the early part of 2014 when Initial Coin Offerings were usually a grab for Bitcoin and then the people that received their Bitcoin would either run away or flake out. It’s not easy to create something that works, it’s a continuous struggle. Basically the folks behind Draftcoin were tired at frittering away their Bitcoin for little to no effort in return. A smart graphic and good idea does not make a good coin. There needs to be a large follow through on promises made and the meeting of customer demands.

I asked them what their idea behind Draftcoin was and they said to me:

I was tired of putting my money into scam ICOs that delivered nothing. I wanted to create something of value and that people could invest in and build upon. This is our core vision

Draftcoin was slow to start up; their team was riddled with problems at the beginning, from coin Developers that promised everything but delivered nothing, and banding together a really tight, trustworthy, and honest¬†people to deliver what they had set out to do. Now it’s firmly on the way and I’m very excited. This is going to be one project to look out for. Their coin has already settled at the price of nearly $2 per coin. In today’s world of cryptocurrency, that is really good.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in then you should check out the BTCDraft website for development updates and head over to Yobit.net or coinexchange.io to grab some coins! You can also try out Yobit’s investbox and make a percentage each day on your Draftcoin savings – it pays to hold.

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