Have You Tried EasyDex Yet? The Small Exchange With Big Plans

easydex exchange

Okay, full disclosure here; I work for these guys. I’m on their media team, and what sort of person would I be if I weren’t to scream of their projects from the rooftops, right?

I came across EasyDex one fateful day as I was taking advice from a fellow Steemian that tells me that I should build something for men.

So the Man Cave was born. The Man Cave is a place where men can come in and be all that they can be. It’s a place for men to be men and not be frightened of their masculinity as the world tells us to be. It’s a place for total empowerment.

As I was building The Man Cave, along comes another frightfully positive chappy that tells us he likes our idea and wants to delegate some of his future holdings to us whilst we build our foundation coin. Awesome, right?


Word is he’s one of the EasyDex founders. The Walrus.

Patelincho and TheWalrus as far as I am aware founded their platform. Excuse me for using their Discord names because I don’t want to be doxxing anyone.

Their exchange is fast, and acts as a bridge to the bitshares exchange. The best and most intuitive part of the exchange is that it acts as a bridge between most coins on the exchange, meaning that there is no need to spend 20 minutes to an hour changing your Steem into Whaleshares for example — EasyDex will act as a bridge and do this for you. I’ve been waiting a long time for something like this to happen myself. It takes me ages for some token swaps. Not now!

The beautiful aspect of the EasyDex exchange is that the owners look after all of their token initiatives and Projects. ALL of them. Their Discord server has many rooms dedicated to each project and the main aim of the exchange is for their community to succeed. Not to take money from token holders; not to suck up to the 1%; no. The goal is to work with most, if not all Projects to make them better. This is why I joined this team; they have a wonderful mindset. We will be building the Man Cave coin on the back of the EasyDex system for sure; because we know we will have help from a wonderful team.

Speaking of future goals, EasyDex has many plans. In parallel with Eos launching their full platform then EasyDex fully plans to allow dapps and integrations with its system creating a seamless experience for token holders and builders. If you look at the long and drawn out process it takes to convert your Steem into pounds or dollars (a process that I lose my friends on every time when I try to get them to join up) for example; then you’ll understand that for mainstream adoption of such cryptocurrencies we’ll need a robust and trustworthy instant exchange system. EasyDex aims to provide in the future. Exciting, isn’t it?

This isn’t all though. When a project is seamlessly integrated with the EasyDex platform then token holders will profit from share drops and transaction fees of every coin and system that is integrated; sounds super cool, right? Think of it? Owning 100 coins and getting a share every now and again of 1000 projects. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Perhaps 1000 startups may be a bit eager, but you get the idea, right?

I have also been told that there are ideas in the works for content creation reward projects. I’ve not seen them, and I doubt we will see them for a few months yet, but they sound very exciting. Ownership will completely be given to the community and there will be absolutely no 1% ruling class that seems to manifest every time. The system will be entirely turned on it’s head where the community will be listened to and rewarded too.

I can’t but help get excited about this project; I’m just so proud to be working for such an amazing team. People like to be respected, and they also like to feel empowered to make decisions for themselves. People are also lazy and like to have things within the click of a button, be that exchange transfers or bank transfers. This is something that this team seem to completely understand and I’m absolutely thrilled to see what’s going to come out of it next. I literally can’t wait.

But what about the negatives, Raymond?

I know, I know, right? This article has been all good and lovely stuff and has missed the ball on anything bad that could happen. With Pros there must be Cons, right? Well, bad things happen all the time. We are often faced with roadblocks in crypto but with forward thinking teams such as the EasyDex one I can’t actually see any issue with any cons. They are transparent and keep their community informed every step of the way. Any type of hiccup along the way I’m absolutely sure they’ll work together to form a solution.

You noticed I say team a lot right? Well when I say team I mean everyone in their community. They all act as one; the token holders, the projects, the staff, the onlookers — all working together to make a better and positive experience for the user. Can you tell that I’m sold?

I am.

You should be too. Watch out for it in future.



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