Proof of weak hands 3d

Stumbling across this project was a blessing for me because right now I’m literally making money as I sleep. I have doubled my Ethereum in less than five days with this project. Proof of Weak Hands – it’s absolutely amazing.

Proof of Weak hands is one of the first decentralised projects I’ve seen come to the blockchain in many years. The last time I seen true decentralisation was when Steem and Steemit came along. With Steemit – everyone has a space to write and no-one can ban or stop them from saying what they need to say. It can be down-voted and flagged throughout the community, but the wording would still exist on the blockchain. Now, here to stay is Proof of weak hands. I love it.

The cryptosphere has seemed to lose it’s way a bit when it comes to the concept of decentralisation, when no-one knows who the owners are and have no idea how to kill it. Like Bitcoin, P3D is fully decentralised. It’s impossible to kill it now. Taking it down would need to involve taking down the entire Ethereum networks.

Great project!



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