P3C – A New Look At Universal Basic Income


If you’re a regular reader of my work then you’ll know I’m all about Universal Basic Income. I love UBI for the simple fact that lots of industries are being computerised; Robotics are on the uptrend and human interaction is needed less and less as we plod on through this technologically advancing world. If you have read anything about the industrial revolution then you’ll know that was around the start of mass unemployment and stagnating wages; where machines took over the need for human involvement. It was not only cheaper to manage these machines but they needed no rest or holidays or time off.

Now that Robotics, Mechanical Engineering, and Nuclear Power are advancing at a dangerous rate I think it’s time that governments should look into UBI seriously; and if not governments then at least someone.

Thankfully someone came along in the form of P3C. Now, I know what you’re thinking. I’ve sold out to another project. Those of you that know me will know that I’m heavily invested in P3D, but actually — in this case I don’t think there is anything wrong with liking both. These are two different teams with two very different ideas on two very different blockchains.

The first thing that caught my eye was their commitment to community. I’ve sat in their discord server for a few days now and users are encouraged to buy from each other’s masternodes. There is a real feeling of support that often lacks in crypto-orientated servers. Mostly it feels like a dog fight climb to the top and every man for himself; yet I feel this team wishes everyone to work together; which is pivotal in my understanding for a concept such as UBI. It’s not enough that we each get a share, but I like to think that we help each other out. Something that I haven’t seen done through other networks of UBI.

Ultimately, P3C is just as good as a model as P3D is, but what P3D failed to do was attract people like me that look to bring on other people that are interested in similar concepts. Thinking about it realistically P3D receives no end of stigma from people that don’t understand their model, and yet putting big pyramids on their site, which I though was funny and ironic, didn’t convince newcomers and investors that are hyper cautious with their money.

I tried to get the Director of the last organisation that I worked for involved with P3D but after investigating further she thought I had been hacked and this person was trying to scam her. I feel the irony is good, but it is very wasted on newcomers. This is why I have higher hopes for P3C. They are trying to be professional.

With perhaps a few tweaks on the website and a bit of community growth I could probably re-introduce this model to some of the people I previously worked with that would view this with interest. A nice gentle introduction to cryptocurrency perhaps? If you’re unaware, then my previous employer had me jumping into communities at the grass roots and setting up centres for people to get a bit of community cohesion going. A fun and rewarding job, and yet I feel if I can get an organisation from grass roots to adopt a viable UBI cryptocurrency model from somewhere then we’ll be laughing our heads off. A future plan perhaps? Who knows?

Another detail that separates them both is the rain maker. As far as I understand this, the rain maker is a bot account that continually reinvests the dividends it receives. It’s an integral piece of the puzzle because as it reinvests more coins, then investors receive more dividends. It sort of ensures the continual cycle of dividends rather than just standing still during a long period of inactivity.

The bot account has no ability to buy, sell, or transfer; the only ability it has is to reinvest. The developers did this with the extra coins. They did express that they could have burned the coins but this seemed a more suitable usage of them. If you’re reading this and you’re unsure of how all this works then I’ll tell you below.

P3C is on the Ethereum Classic Blockchain. That means you can only play the game if you have Ethereum Classic coins. ETC can be bought at many exchanges and many digital wallets. I’ve listed a few below.

To interact with the contract/game you’ll need a Saturn wallet that can be easily grabbed from this website here. Download and install it onto your web browser. Unfortunately the contract won’t interact with your Metamask wallet if you have that turned on, so make sure you have disabled it in the extensions toolbar. No need to delete it, just disable it, especially if you have coinage in there! No sense losing your coins or spending time looking for your seed phrase.

Do you have your wallet full of ETC and ready to spend and interact with the contract? Great. Go here and on the top left of the screen put in the amount of ETC you want to send and then hit buy. Your Saturn wallet should do the rest for you. Wallah, simple huh? If you’re familiar with the P3D process then it’s just the same but with a different wallet.

So, I must say. I’m sold to this project. The team have BIG ideas and a solid concept that will take them far apart from P3D. I’m not saying they are better, only that the projects are going in two different directions. I can see where P3C is going and I like it. I like the community building and the cohesion. We’ll be going far with this one I think!

Hold onto the rails for the ride.



  1. Hello, P3C has since upgraded tremendously, specifically it now supports a completely UI, automatic reinvestment, and translations in 20+ languages. Maybe revisit it again now that it’s been updated? It’s far more scalable now.


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