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At Passion Altcoin we have a commitment to bringing you the best information in the cryptosphere to use at your advantage. Choose a plan so that we can continue doing the work that we do.

What you Get by Signing up

Descriptive and professionally tailored content to your needs. There’s something for everyone in here.

Coin Reviews

Our panel of experts will unpack the jargon for you and explain what a coin does and if it has any real world usage. Merge that with market predictions and whether the project has a strong team or not.

Video Tutorials

Play as you learn with our regularly updated video tutorials on how to do almost everything that you can do with cryptocurrency. From coding, to trading, to communicating.

Coin Picks

We will keep this section updated with the coins that we would buy for the long term and also the short term. It’s not a prediction service but more so the teams that we have faith in

Content updated daily

Members and Premium members will enjoy having their content updated daily. We plan to make our services worth the money that you are spending on us

Mobile Friendly

Don’t have a computer? That’s no problem. Don’t worry about it. Not only is our site mobile friendly but we will be releasing reviews and tutorials on mobile only apps too

Active Community

We’re not just a pretty face. Our core values are lead by example. So as well as having a great platform to learn from we also have an active community to share with

Become an expert

Like everyone we had to start somewhere too. We will be passing all of our knowledge onto you so that you can learn to be safer and more secure in the cryptocurrency sphere


Have questions? Sure. Here are a few that are frequently asked

Is the free section completely free?

Sure. It’s 100% free for life time. If there’s anything we want you to take away from this is a good understanding of the foundation of the idea Bitcoin was based upon

How often do you release new content?

We are aiming for every day for members and higher. We understand that sometimes life can get in the way so we will say at the very least we will release content every two to three days. However, expect daily.

How can we trust that you wont take our money and run?

This is why we created the free section. Most of us that run Passion Altcoin have been in the industry over 6 years. We have a heavy understanding of trust in the community and hopefully our free section will inspire you to become a member or higher!

Can I cancel at any time?

Yup. There are absolutely no contracts and you can cancel at any time you would like to. Bored after five months? Feel that we aren’t delivering your expectations? Cancel, and off you go!

Do you need KYC to contract with us?

No. We are a service and not a banking institution. Although we accept subscriptions under Bitcoin we allow our members to be as anonymous or “in your face” as they want

What if I get stuck on a lesson?

We hope that you don’t! All our tutors have been instructed to teach in a way that assumes you know nothing from the get go. However, if you get stuck then drop us a line in the community. We will be happy to help.

Free Section

Don’t quite trust us with your assets just yet? Absolutely fine. Come in and join our free section and get a basic understanding of our mission and what we’re up to.

Paid Section

There’s a massive array of content in here to bring you value for your bang. From learning how to trade, how to code, and letting you into our top project picking secrets.

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