Is Sphere Social the next Facebook?

sphere social

Okay. So you’ll have noticed a few things different with my publication over the last few days. Firstly we’ve went all Bitcoiny on you. This isn’t by accident. Whether or not you believe that Bitcoin and the blockchain is the future or not, we believe that the future is with cryptocurrency and I’d rather be an early adopter than be someone that comes along late to the show when good people have already made their mark. So I’ll be using this space to talk about everything cryptocurrency. Starting off with:

Sphere Social

sphere social

I saw this linked from another Telegram group that I’m in. I’m nosy and can often be found checking out the weirdest links thrown into a channel from random link generators. I’m an opportunist at heart; I never know when I’m going to stumble across something amazing, and luckily for me this time, I did.

Think of Sphere Social as a decentralized blockchain that runs as a social network. So, not as a social network with a blockchain; more like a blockchain that works as a social network. Yes, welcome to the future my friends. It’s finally here at last. Two years ago Steemit aired as the first blogging platform to be decentralized and just look at the waves it has made in the social sphere. People are signing up in their droves, and content is being produced at a high rate. But Steemit has never challenged the likes of the Facebook giant because their platforms are entirely different. Whilst Steemit rewards people for high quality and engaging articles / music / videos, Facebook tackles the user with the lesser attention span, looking to swipe quickly and leave a comment here or there.

But here is Sphere Social with it’s revolutionary new idea, which is geared up for familiarity and ease of use, and can really take on the likes of the giant that is Facebook. One step at a time though, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

How is it any different to Facebook? Why should I use it?

Well, for starters your content isn’t ‘carefully curated’ for you like it is with Facebook. You have the power and control over what you can see versus what you can’t see. As far as I understand it you can chose whether to be anonymous, or which parts of your information to give away to advertisers at a price. It’s all about giving back to the people here. The details of how it’s going to finally work hasn’t been fully released yet but I’m positive it will work in the people’s favour. I’m glad that I bought some coins early on. That will save me trying to earn them later.


How do I join?

Well, you can join via several avenues. First I’d recommend joining up for their ICO which can be found here. If you’re unsure what an ICO is, it’s an Initial Coin Offering which means they are offering you a stake in their business for some of your real world cash. Think of it as stocks and shares. I bought 13000 coins, which at the time of buying them was worth about $500. There is no need to invest so early, though. If you have zero disposable money them I’m definitely sure there will be plenty of avenues to earn when their coins are live and being represented on exchanges.

Search for Sphere Social on the google play store or the apple market and you’ll find the app ready to download. Download it, sign up, and boom, you have a brand new social network to get your head around. It’s fairly simple so don’t worry. If you aren’t a fan of mobile use like I am, then you can use the respective web application which can be found here, and you can sign up and sign in just as you would any other social networking website.

What is this? Why can I not find anyone from near me?

I doubt you’ll understand what it was like when Facebook first hit the market. I was there, though. I remember the groundbreaking waves that it set amongst its peers. Before Facebook you could only connect with others for a price, and quite a hefty price at that. Social websites charged a significant amount for unobstructed roaming and because of this there weren’t many paid users. Then came Facebook which allowed everything previous websites did, and for free. It was pretty groundbreaking. It sent a torrent of signups in the social community when word got around. Think of Sphere Social as the same sort of groundbreaking application. Beforehand our signups to social networks have been free but because of this we have waved goodbye to our privacy and content as those are sold on by these sites that pretend to be our friends. Sphere social is the kind of social network that is handing the power back to its users. No longer will our data or content be sold on without our consent, and if we choose to do so then we are paid for it.


What’s this SAT? (Social Activity Token)

Think of each SAT as your own stake in Sphere Social as a business. It’s the unit of currency that they will use which can be exchanged for items on their market place, ad units from advertisers and so much more. They haven’t quite divulged what they want to do as a whole yet but I expect it will be incredibly advantageous to us. A part in the company with ownership over our own content is far better than what is currently at stake at present. After the initial coin offering (where the tokens will be set at a flat rate price for you to buy) SAT tokens will be placed on popular exchanges where they can be traded for bitcoin or other currencies. Think of this as the value of the business as a whole. If one SAT has a value of $1 then the value of Sphere Social will be $1 times the total number of coins that were given out.

Okay, okay. Where does the money come from?

I’ve heard this argument before with other decentralized content creation and curation platforms that I exist on, and it’s quite common for people to dismiss it as a scam because of their lack of understanding as to how the money is generated. The general consensus is that some people can’t get their heads around that our personal data and our content is worth lots of money to some. I’ll break this down into two thoughts for you.


The SAT token is given a starting price on an exchange. If someone wants $1 for each token they are selling and there are no other bids higher than this, then SAT will be sold at $1 per token until that bid is filled. This is how and where the money appears from. The exchange users determine the coins worth. If coins are selling for $100 then each coin will be worth $100 and so on. Us, we, users, determine the price of the coin at any given time.

Our content and Data

How do you think Facebook became a multi-billion pound company by being a free website to join and use? Yep, if you don’t know already then they use our private data to give opportunities to advertisers that wish to advertise to us. Advertisers will pay through the nose for this because nowhere else has this advanced information on other people.

private data

Sphere Social is giving us the power

Don’t you think it’s time that we retain our own power back? Firstly the internet was all about paying for what you view. Not much content was free because it was a very underdeveloped and new arena with very few people with the skill sets needed to create a healthy working website. Then came Web 2.0 where creation and content was free to use and do it yourself. It’s had its adventages for sure but a few corporations have profited enormously by this off the backs of other people. Now we’re in the era of bring back our own power; where we are in control of our content and our data and we are paid handsomely for it.

The future is here my friends. Join Sphere Social now.



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