Want some free Byteball? Between $20 and $160 worth?


So I hadn’t really heard of Byteball at all until one of my Steemit friends @zord189 approached me and asked if I had any yet. He was like, “Yeah man, if you have a Steemit username then you can get some free byteball” — of course my username reputation is quite high, so I was entitled to around $80 or so worth of byteball; just missing the $160 mark for people with over 70 rep. What they do is they give you half to play with now, and store the other half for you to collect in a years time. Perhaps when Bitcoin is at $100,000 a pop, who knows?

Anyway, if you’re like me and will take a stab at anything that doesn’t cost any money, and people are giving it away for free, then follow my directions because it can be quite confusing at first. It took a while of back and forth between my friend and I before I got to the right place.

Step 1. Download the wallet.

Go here. It may be a little confusing at first, especially when you expect to be taken through a nice little how to, but are faced with a website and no instructions. Don’t worry, all you need to do from here is download the wallet. Make sure you install the simple wallet. If you install the core version then it will no doubt clog up your hard drive space and take ages to connect.

Step 2. At the bottom of the wallet – hit chat

Like a blind-man trying to find his lost walking stick I looked all over the place to find where I needed to go next and had no success. Well, luckily I managed to get it and here I am to show you how. Go to the bottom of the wallet and hit chat and then you’ll see two tabs at the top. Your contacts, and “Bot store” — you want to be hitting the “bot store”

Step 3 – Find the steem attestation bot.

If you haven’t figured this out already then you’ll need a steemit username to get some of these coins. Don’t worry though, everyone gets free coins regardless of their level. So you can sign up for Steemit, post a few times and earn some nice rewards, and once you have everything in place and a higher rep than 30, which I promise doesn’t take long, then you can continue. Find the Steem attestation bot and click on it. It will explain a few things and then ask for your address. You should paste in your Byteball address from your wallet. You can find this by hitting on “receive” this is to the left of “chat.” Copy this, and then paste it into your chat with the steem attestation bot.

Step 4 – Use Steem connect

Next you’ll be asked to connect to steem via steemconnect to verify that your username is yours. This is fairly straight forward. Once your done you’ll be asked to sign this public or privately – make sure you sign in privately. And boom. Receive Byteball.

You’ll probably be confused at first as I was. They gave me over 274 Million Byteball, and I was like holy crap, that’s a lot, isn’t it? But actually on the exchanges Byteball is done in GBytes. So 274 Million Byteball is exactly the same as 0.274 GBYTE. I haven’t sent mine to the exchange yet because their wallets have been down, but as for now I’m just keeping them in their wallet for a rainy day. Who knows what this may be worth in say 6 months? 🙂

Happy receiving!




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